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Your Right to Privacy & ICBC

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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Why is ICBC interested in looking at my doctor's records from before my car accident?
If you’re involved in an ICBC injury claim, you are essentially saying that you suffered physical and/or emotional injuries as a result of your car accident, pedestrian accident, motorcycle accident or bicycle accident. So, a central question in your claim is going to be whether in fact your injuries were caused by your accident or by some other type of incident. If there’s information which suggests that you may have had health problems of some kind prior to your accident, ICBC may be entitled to review your doctor’s records for a specified period before your accident.

What you need to understand is that the law attempts to balance your right to privacy with ICBC’s right to investigate your injury claim. Let personal injury lawyer, Jeff Witten, explain how this works.