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Big Trucks Cause Big Wrecks. You Need the Right Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyers Fighting for You.

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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Personal Injury Lawyer at McComb Witten Marcoux

Big trucks = Big accidents.

Your Case Deserves The BEST Representation.

Truck drivers can be negligent. But it is you who ends up suffering when truckers drive drunk, fall asleep, or jackknife across the road.

The insurance companies that represent truck companies don’t play fair. They will do anything in their power—and use any tactic they can—to leave you and your family with nothing.

Earning compensation after a Vancouver truck accident is a lot like a battle. You need soldiers who have been through it before, like the BC truck accident lawyers of McComb Witten.

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The Reason Why Truck Wrecks Are So Dangerous Is…

Speed. And weight. When you combine the momentum and force of a tractor-trailer truck to that of the car you are driving, it’s no competition. The truck is going to win every time.

Vancouver truck crashes (link to Truck Accident PA LIBRARY ARTICLE) happen all the time not only because of the volume of big rigs on area highways, but because the drivers who get behind the wheel are often negligent. Drunk. Falling asleep. On drugs.You name it.

You are left hurt after a Vancouver truck wreck, and you know who is responsible. You are not without options, but you won’t get money away from the insurance companies without fighting for it.

Let the expert personal injury lawyers at McComb Witten handle every aspect of your case, guiding you along the way to receiving the most possible financial compensation for your claim. It never hurts to ask a lawyer the right questions.

What Do YOU Want From Your Truck Injury Case?

All injury claims should be filed with a goal—whether you want to focus on getting better or on receiving the most possible financial damages for your injuries. What you can get and what you do get may be different things.

You also want to ask yourself what you are willing to do to win your case. We all want what’s right, but if you aren’t ready to go to battle, you won’t get what you want.

Want the best fighters on your side? Call (604) 255-9018 today.

ICBC Means Business. Do You?

Pretty much every car and truck in British Columbia is insured by ICBC. This behemoth will do anything in their power to run you over, even if they say there is no conflict of interest or claim that “they are your friend.”

If you believe what they say, you will end up with nothing. If you are willing to stand up and fight, you are well on your way to being compensated. You don’t have to do it alone, though. There’s a better way to earn the money you deserve.


By hiring the expert BC personal injury lawyers of McComb Witten to help you with your case, you get our experience, tenacity, and unbending desire to help our clients win.

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