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Vancouver Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer:
Our Specialty Is Helping You

It happens all the time. Negligent driver, accident, injuries, and tons of associated bills. What do you do? You can either roll over and take what the insurance companies offer you, or you can take the fight to them. If you want to learn the benefits of starting your case against the insurance company in a Vancouver car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, or BC pedestrian accident case, call us today.

Car AccidentsCar Accidents

Car accidents happen suddenly and unexpectedly. Your injuries could be light, or devastating. Not every accident is the same, and it’s equally true that giving the same response to every accident does a disservice to the person injured.

At McComb Witten Marcoux, we will aggressively seek fair compensation for your injuries by highlighting the unique circumstances of your case. We have the knowledge and the temperament to stand up to the ICBC for you. Commit to McComb Witten Marcoux as your personal injury team, and we will show you the personalized approach that your case deserves.

Truck AccidentsTruck Accidents

Truck accidents can be truly awful, wreaking havoc with you, your family, and your friends. The lawsuits that follow aren’t much better. You need a fighter on your side to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Look no further than McComb Witten, experts in the field of personal injury law in the Vancouver, BC area. Call us at (604) 255-9018 after your truck accident.

Motorcycle AccidentsMotorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are alarmingly common. They happen all the time. The unfortunate reality in Vancouver and the surrounding cities is that these crashes are also extremely dangerous, often resulting in injuries and death. If you or a family member has been the victim of a motorcycle accident caused by someone else, call us today.

Pedestrian AccidentsPedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents kill thousands of people in Canada each year, many of them around the Vancouver, BC area. Countless more are injured. To make matters worse, the victims of these accidents are usually elderly people or young children. If a negligent driver has injured you or a loved one, don’t stand idly by and be taken advantage of by the insurance companies. Fight back and call McComb Witten.

Bicycle AccidentsBicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents always have a lasting impact on those that are injured, physically and psychologically. If you or a loved one has been through the experience, you know exactly how it is. If you want to take action and hold those who caused the accident responsible, look no further than the personal injury lawyers of McComb Witten, where we take a client-centered approach to each case we take on. Call us today for more information at (604) 255-9018.

Bus AccidentsBus Accidents

If you have been hurt in a bus accident—and most passengers are injured when a bus crashes—then you may want to consider launching a personal injury suit for your damages. This can include medical bills, lost wages from missed time at work, instances of pain and suffering, and much more. However, the insurance companies mean business. If you are not ready for war, your interests will not be heard. Call McComb Witten for the representation that gets the results you deserve.