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Pedestrian Fatality Increases Goldstream Avenue Safety Concerns

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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Posted on Mar 05, 2014

Would you ever attempt to walk down a busy highway? Most people would not—there is too much traffic and cars are traveling too fast for that to be even remotely safe. However, the residents on Goldstream Avenue, in Langford, have no other choice.

Since the opening of the Leigh Road interchange last June, thousands of cars a day are being filtered down Goldstream Avenue from the Trans-Canada Highway. The increased traffic has been raising safety concerns in the neighborhood ever since. However, the issue did not come to the forefront of the city’s attention until, February 13, 2014, when a local woman was killed outside her home by a car coming off the highway.

A Nissan Murano struck down Meesha-Chan Grubisic, a 47-year-old mother and animal lover, as she attempted to catch her dog, who had wandered into the street. The RCMP investigation noted that although the Nissan was not going above the speed limit, the force of the impact is what caused Grubisic’s fatal injuries. They also state that poor visibility around the curve could have been a factor in the crash.

Safety Concerns

Grubisic’s mourners and neighbors are urging the city of Langford to take immediate action to make the residential road safer. According to Grubisic’s neighbor, Stephanie Parsons, the road is not equipped to handle the traffic that comes along there. She said, “There’s no sidewalk and a lot of residents have to park on the road, which takes away any shoulder area. It’s like playing Russian roulette every time you have to step onto that road.”


The long-range plan is to build a southbound-off ramp from the Trans-Canada Highway to Leigh Road, eliminating highway traffic on Goldstream. However, the city of Langford needs additional provincial funding to complete the project. In the meantime, city leaders are exploring new safety options such as lowering the residential speed limit, adding warning signs about the poor visibility curves, and adding additional speed bumps in residential areas.

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