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A Vancouver Car Crash Lawyer Reports on Christy Clark’s Accident Case

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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Posted on Jun 23, 2013

A Vancouver car accident attorney at McComb Witten, along with the rest of British Columbia, has been following the legal saga of B.C. Premier Christy Clark, who rear-ended a motorist back in 2008 when she was a CKNW talk-show host.


Plaintiffs named her and her ex-husband, Mark Marissen, as defendants in a resulting lawsuit that went to the Supreme Court. According to court documents, Clark admitted during the trial that she hit the plaintiff’s car, but she disputed the nature and extent of the plaintiff’s injuries. She counter-argued that the plaintiff contributed to the injuries and behaved negligently.

The defense wanted a jury trial. This had been scheduled for May 27, 2013, following an April 8 adjournment. However, with provincial elections just weeks away, Clark chose to settle out of court, probably in part to prevent drama from the trial from overshadowing her reelection bid.

Instead of laying low, Clark made another mistake, which landed her a torrent of bipartisan criticism. While riding in her car with her son Hamish and Jonathan Fowlie, a reporter from the Vancouver Sun, Clark allegedly sped through a red light on a dare.

Per the Vancouver Sun, the following exchange supposedly took place:

“Let’s see you go through this red light,” Hamish challenged as they pulled up that morning, at 5:15 a.m., to an abandoned Vancouver intersection.

“I might. Don’t test me,” Clark replies.

“Yeah. Go ahead.”

“Should I?”

“There’s no one.”

“Would you go through? You shouldn’t because that would be breaking the law,” she says.

And with that the car has already sailed underneath the stale red stoplight and through the empty intersection.

“You always do that,” says Hamish.

Clark later apologized for running the red light. The publicity did not hurt her party in the provincial election—she led the B.C. Liberals to victory and was sworn in as premier at Government House in Victoria on Monday, June 10, 2013.

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