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Your Devastating Truck Wreck: Blame the Driver or His Company?

A truck accident near the Willingdon exit on the Trans-Canada Highway left you with serious injuries, a smashed up vehicle, and a lot of pain, frustration, and anger.

To get the compensation and justice you deserve, you need to create an accurate case. To construct an accurate case, you need to identify the liable party (or parties).

Your gut instinct might be to blame the driver. However, the trucking company may be a more appropriate target.

For instance:

  • The truck driver’s fatigue, which caused him to miscalculate on the highway, might have been his trucking company’s fault. Perhaps the company had an abusive compensation system, which pushed him to work beyond his physical capacity and perhaps even break industry regulations.
  • The truck driver’s “bad turn” that caused the vehicle to skid out might have been the trucking company’s fault. Perhaps the company failed to teach its drivers proper use of certain big rig safety equipment or features.
  • The fact that cargo fell out of the truck and into your lane might have been the trucking company’s fault. Perhaps the company failed to outfit its vehicles effectively or teach its loaders how to load cargo safely.

Hopefully, you get the picture. What might have seemed like an act of pure driver negligence or carelessness might not be the whole story.

So how do you know what really happened in your truck case?

To uncover the possibilities, talk to an experienced personal injury law firm, like McComb Witten. Our team understands how to fight and win nuanced, complicated truck cases, and we'd be happy to talk to you about what happened. Give us a call or email us today and take a look at our free report, Your Family Doctor Could Make or Break Your ICBC Claim, for information you can use right away.