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Who Is Liable When You Are Injured in a Vancouver Truck Accident? It Is More Complicated Than You Think.

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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Personal Injury Lawyer at McComb Witten Marcoux

You are hoping that a Vancouver truck accident lawyer can help you get fair compensation after a crash. You are banking on the fact that the trucker did something reckless or illegal and that your legal team can therefore force the trucker to pay for your medical bills and lost productivity at work.

Before you get too far with this line of thinking, stop to ask a few questions:

  • Was the truck driver really responsible for your Vancouver truck crash?
  • Was he the only driver responsible?
  • Did anyone else—or any company—cause or contribute to what happened? If so, could they be targeted in a lawsuit in addition to or instead of the truck driver?

Whether a truck jackknifed in front of your vehicle at an intersection, or a runaway 18-wheeler plowed into your vehicle coming down a mountain overpass, consider a broader universe of possible defendants, such as:

  • Your insurance company. Depending on what coverage you have, your auto insurer may need to pay a substantial portion of your damages.
  • The trucking company that hired the driver who hit you. Did the company adequately screen its drivers? Did it allow an incompetent driver—or someone with a blemished record—to get behind the wheel? Did the company train its drivers to safely operate the vehicle and carry a cargo load?
  • The driver and the trucking company’s insurance company can also be liable.
  • Any entity responsible for maintaining the truck, loading it, or supplying it with cargo can be liable.

With so many possible defendants—and such potential underlying complexity to your case—what should you do next?

An investigation should reveal the root cause, so that you and your attorney can target the right entity. Do not wait to get thorough, insightful help regarding your case. Trust the Vancouver truck accident attorneys at McComb Witten to work with you to develop a sound strategy. Call us now at 604-255-9018, and please download and read our free report, He Slammed Into My Car and Took Off.