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A Vancouver Pedestrian Accident Attorney Advises Mindfulness When Walking the Dog

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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Could walking your dog put you at risk for getting into a Vancouver pedestrian accident?

Your dog may be your best friend, and you love walking him and getting fresh air. However, walking the dog is an inherently risky act for the following reasons:


Dog Walking Risk #1 - Increased distraction.

When you walk a dog, part of your attention is focused on the animal. Is he walking nicely on his leash? Is he doing his business? Is he doing it in an appropriate area?

When you focus on these “micro projects” associated with dog care, it is harder to pay attention to the road. The slight level of distraction might not mean much over the short term—on a given walk. However, when you aggregate the effect of that distraction over hundreds of hours of walking, the risk may not be so inconsequential.



Dog Walking Risk #2 - Increased time spent as a pedestrian.

Walking is great. It feels wonderful to get outside, enjoy fresh air, and move your body.

Nonetheless, the more time you spend as a pedestrian near vehicular traffic, the higher your risk of getting into an accident. It is just a matter of statistics.


Dog Walking Risk #3 - Your dog could do something dangerous.

Your canine friend might see a squirrel on the other side of the road and dash across, pulling you behind him and into oncoming traffic. He might also get into a barking altercation with another dog or get off his leash. In your rush to help him, you could put yourself in harm’s way.

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