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Our Vancouver Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Offer 3 Transportation Alternatives to Walking

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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Personal Injury Lawyer at McComb Witten Marcoux

Our Vancouver pedestrian accident lawyers are often hired to help pick up the pieces after a horrendous injury crash.

In addition to helping clients obtain compensation from negligent drivers, we try to educate our clients, so that they feel safer and more in control.

Sometimes the smaller problems created by accidents wind up being the most annoying and distracting. For instance, perhaps you are too injured (or too shaken) to walk the streets right now. The fear and anxiety of walking can be debilitating. So what can you do, instead?

1. Rely more on other forms of transportation.

If you are a diehard environmental enthusiast, you may dislike the idea of driving everywhere. Try to meet your need to get around in alternative, creative ways. For instance, if you are worried about emitting CO2 by driving, balance out your carbon footprint in other ways.

If you love a good walk because it helps you think, create another routine to get that same good thinking done.

2. Outsource and telecommute as much as possible.

When you are immobile, everyday tasks and errands become chores. Getting groceries, hanging out with friends, and even doing routine office work can all take huge effort. Take it easy. Ask your boss if you can telecommute, at least part time, while you heal. Ask friends to shop for you, or indulge and order out more.

3. Recover from your injuries and strengthen yourself.

A good diet, rest, and safe strength training—combined with a customized rehabilitation program—can do wonders for many injured people. Even if you cannot ever get back to 100 percent, strive to make progress. Focus on incremental improvement.

For help with your Vancouver pedestrian accident case, call upon the Vancouver pedestrian accident lawyers at McComb Witten. The number is 604-255-9018 and the case consultation is free.  You may also wish to review the free guide that we wrote specifically for pedestrian accident victims: Pedestrian Safety Manual.