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Our Vancouver Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Address 3 Scary Aspects of Fall Riding

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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Fall is a beautiful time of year in British Columbia. However, it presents a slew of surprising, subtle dangers for riders. Are you at risk for a Vancouver motorcycle accident? Is a fellow motorcycle enthusiast at risk? Consider for yourself:

1. Wet leaves.

Vancouver offers gorgeous, scenic routes. However, our close affinity with nature is double-edged. Freshly fallen leaves can create a unique texture that is difficult for novice riders to anticipate and navigate. The changes in friction depends on factors including the depth of the leaf pile, the amount of water saturation, the amount of leaf decomposition, and whether the leaves are mixed with residual oil, gasoline, and other “gunk” on the road.

2. Rapid temperature swings.

Big temperature swings can happen during early to middle fall. These can affect not just how the road feels, but also how your bike reacts. It is not unusual for days to be pleasant and warm and for nights to dip down into colder temperatures. The thermal expansion and contraction can create wear and tear on the bike and make the road less intuitive to navigate.

3. Changes in sunlight duration, direction and intensity.

Anyone who has studied Vancouver motorcycle accident injuries can tell you that dusk is the most dangerous time to ride your bike. That is because the angle and intensity of the sunlight shifts dramatically during dusk, skewing perceptions and causing more driver mistakes. During autumn, this problem can be intensified, since many riders still ride based on their “summer clocks.” However, a bright, sunny 5:00 p.m. becomes a dusky, dangerous 5:00 p.m. as the seasons change.

What to Do If You Have Been in a Vancouver Motorcycle Crash

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