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After Your Bus Accident, You May Have One of Three Troubling Injuries

Bus accident injuries are often subtle. Whether a truck backed into your bus in a parking garage in downtown Vancouver, or your bus turned off a mountain road and crashed down a hill, you may be reeling from one of three troubling afflictions.

1. Undiagnosed traumatic brain injury.

The brain is an extremely delicate, enigmatic organ. Sudden jolts to the head—or even to the body itself—can lead to changes in how the brain metabolizes glucose as well as bleeding, swelling and neural tearing. Brain injuries are not always self-evident. You might feel a slight headache or nausea in the wake of a crash, for instance. But you may not appreciate the full extent of the damage until days or even weeks later.

2. Whiplash or other soft tissue injuries.

A bus crash can damage sensitive soft tissues, like ligaments, fascia, and muscle tissue. Again, the evidence of the damage may not be obvious right after the crash. Your adrenaline and endorphins can temporarily mask the soft tissue pain. But days later, you may start to feel it.

3. Psychological trauma.

The human brain is amazing in its ability to compartmentalize trauma, especially in times of extreme stress or danger. For instance, victims can often think clearly right after a big crash. Our "emergency mode" systems are powerful. But when things settle down, victims often complain about flashbacks, nightmares, and other psychological stresses.


Dealing with Subtle Bus Crash Injuries

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