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Our B.C. Car Crash Attorneys Talk About Three Exciting Safety Innovations

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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Our Vancouver car accident lawyers and other advocates for public safety believe that properly harnessed technology can positively influence driver behavior.

Technology can be a double-edged sword. For instance, drivers who text or chat on their cell phones while driving cause more accidents. But there is a silver lining. Consider these three new types of car safety technology—will they soon make Vancouver’s roads and freeways safer?

  1. Anti-sleep alarms. These devices are worn around your ear. They use sophisticated technology to determine if/when your head tilts. If your head drops by 30 degrees or more, an alarm jerks you "awake." This kind of device might be excellent for truckers and other distance drivers.
  2. Automatic call and texting apps. Bluetooth car kits, like the Motorola Roadster 2, allow you to route calls without using your hands and use voice-activated text messaging. Be aware, though, that this technology can be abused. Chatting on a phone and text messaging can be inherently distracting, even if you use hands-free settings.
  3. Anti-sleep apps. Apps, like the iPhone’s Anti-Sleep Pilot, measure your level of fatigue through various gauges. One app requires you to hit a button at intervals to test your fatigue level. The app will alert you to pull over and take a break (or switch to another driver) if you fall below a certain threshold.

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