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A Vancouver Bus Accident Lawyer Shares Three Curious Facts about Bus Crashes

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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A Vancouver bus accident is rare, according to data compiled by Transport Canada. In fact, only one out of every 100 motor vehicle accidents involves a bus. Following are three more intriguing facts about bus collisions:


Factoid #1 - Most people who die or get seriously hurt in bus accidents are not bus passengers; rather, they are pedestrians and people in other vehicles.

When passengers do get hurt, however, the situation is often catastrophic. For instance, according to Transport Canada, no bus passengers died in 1996. In 1997, however, 42 people lost their lives in a single bus crash.


Factoid #2 - Even investigatory agencies have trouble categorizing types of buses.

According to the National Safety Code, any vehicle that has more than 10 seats is technically a bus. However, not all buses are created equal. School buses are well defined from a legal standpoint. Other types of buses are interchangeable; they can serve different functions.

Is this arcane fact relevant to your case? It could be. For instance, perhaps the driver who caused your crash was licensed to drive a bus, but not the particular type of bus he was driving at the time of the Vancouver bus accident. If you can prove this in court, it could strengthen your case.


Factoid #3 - The National Collision Database (NCDB), which contains information about all police-reported motor vehicle collisions on public roads, is the largest, most comprehensive database of its kind in Canada.

The NCDB and others like it can help policy makers, lawyers, and other stakeholders spot important patterns in crash data.


If you have been trying to make sense of your life and legal options following a bus accident or car crash, get in touch with a Vancouver bus accident attorney at McComb Witten. Our number is 604-255-9018 and the case evaluation is complimentary. We also encourage you to download our free report, I've Been In A Car Accident, What Should I Do? The Car Accident Victim's Tool Kit, to get educated about how to protect your rights.