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Avoiding a Bus Accident Begins With You

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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We often focus on the bad driving habits of bus drivers. However, there are times when the bus driver involved in an accident was not at fault—the driver of the car was. To help you avoid an accident with a bus in and around Vancouver, we have put together a list of best-practice safety tips for driving near buses.

Our Job as Motorists

Side of Transit BusMotorists need to exercise extreme caution around both transit and school buses. It is our responsibility as drivers to watch out for those getting on and off the bus, and for the bus itself. Doing so can help you prevent an accident and, potentially, save a life.

  • Always stop when school buses are loading or unloading. It's the law!
  • When driving near a bus, keep in mind that they make frequent, sometimes sudden stops. Do not follow too closely. 
  • A bus cannot stop as quickly as a car can. Be aware of buses traveling directly behind you, especially in dicey weather.
  • Busses have a wide turning radius. Ensure you are well behind the white stop lines at any intersection, especially when you are closest to the turning lane.
  • Your blind spot is nothing compared to that of a bus. The blind spots on a bus are located in front of the bus, behind the bus, and to each side. Avoid traveling in any of the blind spots—the driver cannot see you.

Really, it is a matter of being more careful, watching for buses, and respecting their size and presence on the road. If we all give buses a second glance when driving in traffic, I believe we can help reduce the rate of bus crashes in B.C.

When You Do Your Part, and Still Get Hit

You could be the best, most careful driver on Earth and still get hit by a bus.

People love to say, "Accidents happen!" However, that does not mean an accident was not preventable. Bus drivers often suffer from fatigue and distraction. It is possible that you did all you could to avoid the accident and still got hit. If you believe that the bus driver caused your accident, it is important to get the advice of an attorney. There is no way you, as an average citizen, can protect your rights and ensure you get the compensation you need.

Call 604.255.9018 today and speak with a Richmond, BC bus accident lawyer whose #1 goal is protecting the rights of you and your family.