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Which Medical Conditions Account For the Vast Majority of Medical Emergency-Related Car Accidents?

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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Man in Car With PillsCar accident causes are numerous. Today, we will be discussing car accidents caused by a medical event. The most common causes of medical emergency related car accidents are:

  • Cardiovascular disease (heart attacks)
  • Epilepsy (seizures)
  • Diabetes (blacking out)
  • Conditions requiring prescriptions that cannot be taken while operating a vehicle

Of crashes caused by a medical emergency, researchers for the U.S. National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that eight-four percent of the drivers had experienced a seizure, blackout, or diabetic reaction. They also discovered that the majority knew that they had a medical condition that made it hazardous for them to drive. This means that although they knew they were taking a risk, they were willing to take it. That doesn't seem fair, does it?

Preventative Measures

Preventing these types of accidents is a matter of common sense and facing the reality of life with a serious medical condition. Still, it can be difficult for drivers to accept that they should not drive. Driving offers a sense of freedom, and the prospect of losing this freedom can be devastating. However, drivers with a medical condition that could lead to an accident must take the steps needed to avoid injuring themselves and others.

Patient education is key to preventing these accidents. In addition, lane departure prevention systems—rumble strips—can help alert drivers who are still well enough to correct their vehicle. This is an especially important preventative measure since the driver leaves the road in the majority of accidents caused by medical emergencies.

We hope that the information in this article has been helpful in increasing your understanding of how medical emergencies cause accidents. If you have any questions, or have been involved in an accident caused by a medical event, call 604.255.9018. Our attorneys can help sort out the details of the accident and get you the compensation you and your family need.