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A Vancouver Bus Accident Lawyer Cautions Victims That the Bus Driver May Not Be Solely to Blame for a Crash

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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Personal Injury Lawyer at McComb Witten Marcoux

Perhaps your Vancouver bus rolled over at an intersection. Maybe the bus driver caused a massive pile up downtown because he or she was driving under the influence (DUI).

In either case, you are outraged.

As a public transportation patron, you deserved better. You should have been shielded from negligence and carelessness.

You want to blame the driver. Maybe the driver was to blame—either partially or completely. However, if you fixate on the driver’s bad actions (or inactions), you may miss out on serious potential to build your case.

After all, the bus driver was just one component in a larger "accident system." Consider the following:

  • Maybe the bus company failed to vet driver candidates effectively. If that company hired a bad driver, you could sue for compensation.
  • Perhaps the company failed to train drivers well enough, forced them to work too much, or equipped them with shoddy or malfunctioning vehicles.
  • Maybe the bus maintenance crew failed to identify a faulty brake or deflated set of tires. If your bus crashed because of a mechanical defect, you want to aim your “legal fire” appropriately.Often, multiple instances of negligence/carelessness come into play. In fact, you may face a pretty complicated legal puzzle even before you throw the insurance companies into the mix. Each insurer will want to attack your claim and throw the burden of liability to some other entity.


Despite your perfectly justifiable rage, therefore, you need to slow down and avoid making the mistake of placing all of the blame on the driver. Your case might be more complex—perhaps terrifically so.

Fortunately, you do not need to deal with this tangled web on your own. A Vancouver bus accident lawyer on the McComb Witten team is standing by to guide you after your Vancouver bus crash. Call us today at 604-255-9018 for sound, thorough assistance now. The consultation is free. Alternatively, you may wish to download a free copy of our book entitled Your Family Doctor Could Make or Break Your ICBC Claim for more information.