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Contact a Vancouver Car Crash Attorney—Even If You Think You Were Partially to Blame for the Accident

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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Personal Injury Lawyer at McComb Witten Marcoux

On some level, you wish your recent Vancouver car crash had been more “clear cut.”

With a clear conscience, you would like to blame the entire thing on a negligent driver, a malfunctioning auto part, bad signage, or inclement weather.

However, your intuition tells you that you were somewhat at fault. You are frustrated. You believe the other driver was more at fault. You suffered serious harm in the crash and you would like to take legal action to collect money to pay for your bills, trauma, and lost work time.

But, who are you to cast the first stone?

Your hesitation makes emotional sense. After all, why start a fight—legal or otherwise—if you are not sure you can win?

On the other hand, as the old saying goes, “you can’t win if you don’t play.”

Remember, you have no idea what a thorough investigation might reveal. Perhaps you were far less culpable than you believe. Even if you contributed to the accident, you want to do proper legal groundwork, not only to build a case as a plaintiff, but also to defend yourself if the other party comes after you.

In the world of Vancouver car accident law, knowledge is power.

You want to amass as much knowledge as you can—as early as possible in the process—to build the most powerful position.

In life, we often fail to measure the costs of failing to take action. It may feel safer to do nothing and muddle through on your own after the crash. However, you might be overlooking the long-term consequences of doing nothing.

Perhaps you suffered a severe soft tissue injury that will require thousands of dollars of treatment over the next ten years. If there is a chance—even a 50/50 chance—that you can recoup some of those costs, you need to take it!

Equip yourself with the right knowledge, so that you can take the right actions. Call a Vancouver car accident lawyer at McComb Witten today at 604-255-9018 for a free and thorough consultation. Alternatively, you may wish to download a free copy of our book entitled I've Been in a Car Accident, What Should I Do? The Car Accident Victim's Tool Kit.