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After An Auto Accident in B.C Make Sure You’ve Noted All the Facts

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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Personal Injury Lawyer at McComb Witten Marcoux
  • Keep all receipts for medical expenses relating to the accident such as medication, physiotherapy, crutches etc., and forward them to our office at least once a month so we can submit them to ICBC for reimbursement. Some expenses like "User Fees" for physiotherapy will not be recovered until your case is settled. 

  • Keep in contact with your doctor and follow his/her instructions regarding treatment of your injuries. If you find that the treatments prescribed are not helping talk to your doctor BEFORE stopping the treatments. 

  • Keep in contact with your doctor about your employability or fitness to return to work. Follow his/her advise on whether you are well enough to work. Do not stop working without discussing the matter with your doctor first. 

  • Apply for Employment Insurance (E.I.) "Sick" Benefits or disability benefits through your employer if you are off work. Do not wait.  (Note: ICBC may deduct any moneys you are entitled to from these plans from your final award whether you received them or not.) 

  • Report any changes in benefit to us, either from E.I., from your employer, or monies received from ICBC. 

  • If you are self employed, keep detailed records of lost business opportunities (bids, contracts, contacts etc.,) and any expenses related to the hiring of replacement workers. 

  • Record important dates on your calendar that set out your treatment schedule, dates on which the pain was exceptionally bad, and how your life style is being affected. 

  • If possible, it is a good idea to take pictures of your injuries and the damage to your car. 

  • Inform us about any changes in your employment situation, such as time off work due to the accident, change of jobs etc. 

  • If, before and after the accident, you are unemployed you should keep a list of employers who you have contacted for a new job. Keep track of names, addresses, contact people, when you spoke to them and whether you were replying to a newspaper ad or other source. 

  • If you are involved in another car accident (or any type of accident) after this accident you need to tell us immediately. Any future accidents can affect the outcome of your current case. 

  • If you visit any medical or rehabilitation professionals or attend practitioners of any kind (e.g., acupuncturists, chiropractors, or alternative medicine practitioners) please get their business cards and give them to us. 

  • DO contact us as any time to discuss your case and DO contact us on a regular basis to let us know how you are doing.