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Why It Is Important to Collect Witness Statements Immediately After a Vancouver Car Accident

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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Personal Injury Lawyer at McComb Witten Marcoux

Maybe it has been three hours since your Vancouver car accident. Or, maybe it has been three days.

If you have not collected witness statements, make that project one of your top priorities.

Whether a careless driver clipped your vehicle on the freeway or an unlicensed trucker smashed into you at an intersection, you may need substantial evidence to get justice and compel the negligent driver to pay for your medical bills, lost work wages, lost future earnings, and other damages.

You cannot know in advance what evidence will help your case, but some evidence can “spoil.”

That is why our Vancouver car crash attorneys urge clients to take initiative:

  • Take pictures of the Vancouver car accident scene, if possible
  • Preserve important documents including police reports and doctor’s notes
  • Collect testimonies from witnesses—right after the crash, if possible

Witness Accounts—Compelling, But Less Useful as Time Goes By

Your memories may seem stable and unchanging. However, human memory is plastic—your memories of events, smells, and emotions actually change over time. That may sound strange, but science clearly shows that our recollections of even significant, vivid events—like a Vancouver car crash—are not very accurate.

The courts now recognize this. That does not mean that a remembered account means nothing. However, witness statements will be far more useful to your case, if you collect them soon after the crash.

In the meantime, you may wish to download a copy of our free report entitled I've Been in a Car Accident: What Should I Do? It will help you to understand and avoid common mistakes people make when filing ICBC claims. We also invite you to call McComb Witten today at 604-255-9018 to schedule a free consultation with a Vancouver car accident lawyer.