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After Your Accident, We Ask That You Please Give Yourself a Little Grace

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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It is going to take some time for you to recover mentally from your truck accident. As you do, we ask that you give yourself a little grace. This means allowing yourself the time and space to take care of yourself and process what happened to you and your family.

The Motor Accidents Authority (MAA) has some very specific advice for accident victims, which follows along with my opinion that you need time to get back to the "real you". The MAA suggests that accident victims:

  • Take a time out. After any difficult period, there will be some time where you need to heal. Be patient with your feelings and emotions and know that anxiety is a normal phase of the healing process.
  • Talk about it. It could be your mom, your spouse, or a professional, but talking about your accident, and your feelings of anxiety in its aftermath, is crucial to your mental health. Also, be realistic and ask for help with practical matters if you need to.
  • Attend to your health and well-being. It is easy to let yourself slip after an accident. Your anxiety can get in the way of your health, but don't let it. Continue to eat well, sleep, and stay as active as possible. Also, be careful that you are not masking your anxiety with drugs or alcohol.

When Enough is Enough

You are strong, but there may come a time when none of the above advice seems to help. If your worried mind is causing you to experience any of the following, it is time to seek medical help:

  • Lack of interest in activities that used to be enjoyable
  • Worry that extends beyond three months after your accident
  • Family and friends who are expressing concern about your well-being


These are all signs that you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder. These disorders—Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is one of them—cause the accident victim extreme mental anguish.

You do not have to suffer alone. There is no need to slap on a mask of feigned happiness and pretend that you are "over it". There is no shame in asking for help. In fact, it takes an extremely strong person to ask for help.  

So if you are having a hard time getting your life back on track after your accident, please, please, speak to your doctor. Remember the grace we talked about? It's time to allow yourself some of it, to get help and get your life back.

If your worries are being compounded by your legal troubles, do not hesitate to call 604.255.9018. Hand me your concerns so that you can focus on healing. There is no need to do this on your own. Let me help.