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Vancouver Car Accident Attorney Explains What Louis C.K. Can Teach You About a Car Crash

If you are a fan of comedian Louis C.K., you may have heard about his recent cell phone rant—the video went viral. During his tirade, Louis ripped into the culture of cell phone use. Kids, he said, bury themselves in their cell phones instead of talking to one another. As a result, they develop an empathy deficit.

Louis may or may not know this, but texting also makes drivers far more dangerous. One study on truck drivers found that drivers who text may be 21 times more dangerous than attentive drivers!

In any event, what can Louis C.K.’s rant teach us about Vancouver car crash safety?

One of the points that he made—that gripped many people who watched and shared his video—was that modern, affluent people in the 21st Century tend to abhor silence. Louis suggested that maybe we all need to spend more time being mindful, free from distractions, and present to our own sadness and thoughts—even if those thoughts may make us uncomfortable at first.

This wisdom dovetails nicely with new studies into the science of mindfulness, which suggest that practicing present moment awareness can lead to better decision-making.

Maybe if we all took Louis’s advice to take more breaks from our cell phones, our roads would be safer.

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