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Is Your Motorcycle Excessively Loud? You Could Be in Danger.

Many elements can come into play in a motorcycle crash, such as badly designed intersections, negligent drivers, and defective or faulty motorcycle parts.

However, at McComb Witten, we believe that motorcyclists must actively advocate for their own safety and well-being. If your bike is too loud, for instance, you could create a wealth of problems for yourself and for other motorists on the road, potentially positioning yourself to get into a motorcycle crash.

Here are some signs that your bike may be too loud:

  • You receive complaints from other motorists or people in your neighborhood.
  • You have suffered hearing problems, such as ringing in the ears or loss of hearing range.
  • Other people who ride with you complain about the noise.
  • You have purposely rigged your bike to be extra loud to flaunt its capacities.
  • Other motorcyclists have mentioned that your bike sounds loud.

The dangers associated with riding loud bikes are diverse:

  • If your bike is too loud, you may not be able to hear oncoming traffic, horns, or sirens.
  • Over time, driving a loud bike can actually impair your hearing.
  • Your loud bike can confuse and disturb other motorists, causing them to collide or hit obstacles or pedestrians.
  • If your bike is obnoxiously loud, you could make other motorists angry, sparking a road rage incident.
  • Your loud bike could make it more difficult for you to hear potential problems with your motorcycle, such as a flat tire, problematic transmission, or faulty braking system.

Whether or not your loud bike contributed to your crash on the Knight Street Bridge, connect with our motorcycle accident lawyers today to understand your rights and go over potential avenues of recourse. We are here to help.