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After Your Vancouver Truck Accident, What Mind Games Will the Insurance Company Play on You?

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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Personal Injury Lawyer at McComb Witten Marcoux

As someone who was recently shaken up by a Vancouver truck accident, how prepared are you, right now, to play an intense chess match against an expert player?


Not that prepared?


We thought so.


Similar follow-up question: How prepared do you feel to play the equivalent of a chess match against a massive insurance company regarding your potential truck accident claim?


Before you answer, consider that the insurance company has spent the last several decades “playing” against accident victims like you, hundreds of times, and developing systems, processes, strategies, and tactics to minimize payouts and to anticipate all your defenses.


It doesn’t really sound like a fair fight, does it?


It wouldn’t be a fair fight, even if you understood that you were “playing a game” to begin with.


But it is indeed akin to a game, as far as insurance companies are concerned.


Perhaps a better analogy is that they view it like a war.


Think about it! If you got seriously injured—or if you lost a loved one in a Vancouver truck crash—do you know how much money might be at stake for the liable person or company?


Hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars!


Insurers may market themselves as “caring”—i.e. interested in helping victims recover after disasters. But these companies ultimately are in business to profit.


Imagine if you had hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars’ worth of money at stake. What would you do? Odds are, you'd prepare to meet that “threat” to your bottom line and do what you could to prevent getting stuck with that bill.


In our next blog post, we'll reveal a positively spooky tool that insurance companies use to blast away at claim payouts—the scope of their scheme will make your jaw drop.


But the takeaway is pretty simple: Do not be naïve.


You did not choose to get in a fight with a trucking company or insurance company. But unless you fight back—and fight back fiercely—for your rights, you may not get any benefits at all.


Your opponents may even add insult to injury by suing you for damages.


Fortunately, you have an ally at McComb Witten. Our no-nonsense, intense, and thorough approach to Vancouver truck accident law can make a difference for you, as it has for many people in very similar situations to yours. Get in touch today for a free consultation.