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Choosing the Right Seat on the Bus Could Save Your Life in an Accident

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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When choosing your seat on a bus, what factors influence your decision? Do you choose based on location—the one you can reach the fastest? Or, do you base it on comfort—the one by the window so you can rest your head?  While these factors may influence your choice, you should really think about safety over comfort and choose the seat least likely to cause you serious injury in an accident.

The seat arrangements on buses are set up to create the optimum amount of space for the highest possible occupancy. That is why most city buses have forward-facing seats in front and then open up to side-facing seats toward the rear. This allows ample space for standing passengers, while creating an aisle to funnel the foot traffic on and off the bus.

The Pros and Cons of Each Seating Area

  • Front-facing seat – The front-facing seat provides you with forward and single-side protection and stability. You can choose between a window seat and an aisle seat in this area. However, the aisle seat is safest because it affords you protection on the back, side, and the front—away from breaking glass.
  • Side-facing seat – The side-facing seat provides you with no forward or side protection. You are slightly safer in a side-facing seat near the middle of the bus than one in the front because you are farther away from the impact of either a rear-end collision or a front-end crash. However, in general, side-facing seats do not offer much in the way of protection.
  • Standing – Standing offers no protection from any side. Standing near the front of the bus increases your chances of hitting the windshield. Standing in the back provides some protection if the bus is full, but increases your chances of forward propulsion.

Therefore, if you have a choice when choosing a seat on the bus, try to sit in a forward-facing aisle seat near the front of the bus. This will provide you with maximum protection against an accident.

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