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Someone You Know and Love Was Hit by a Car in Vancouver. They Need Your Help!

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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Personal Injury Lawyer at McComb Witten Marcoux

You received sad news: your close friend or loved one was involved in a serious Vancouver pedestrian accident.


You responded swiftly and purposefully, despite your panic. You’ve had some time now to pull yourself together, but you’re still feeling alarmed and overloaded. You know there are a lot of things to take care of in short order to help the victim, but you’re not sure what to prioritize.


Here are some critical items to take care of:


  1. Your top priority: get the victim appropriate medical care, ASAP.
  2. Once urgent medical care is taken care of, and if the victim is conscious, ask him or her for a laundry list of “stuff” that he or she needs to do, including errands, picking up the kids, paying bills, etc. Don’t feel like you need to do all these things yourself. Consider deputizing other people to help with these chores. But do what you can to limit what the victim needs to do or think about.
  3. If possible, get the victim to tell you precisely what happened, and record his or her thoughts verbatim. Believe it or not, our minds play crazy tricks on us and we may forget or not recall the details correctly later.
  4. You may want to help the victim collect evidence from the scene before it gets cleaned up. For instance, if there is blood spattered on the sidewalk, take a picture of that with your cell phone. If there are skid marks and dinged up vehicles, get a picture of those. If witnesses saw what happened, obtain their statements. Don’t worry about collecting the wrong stuff— just collect as much potential evidence as you think you can. A good attorney can sort the useful from the irrelevant later on.
  5. Make sure the victim saves all paperwork, such as the accident report, doctor’s notes, etc.
  6. Provide ongoing support, emotional, physical, and otherwise, as needed. Pay close attention to the victim’s physical and mental state. The victim may be in shock or denial about what happened and may not be able to process events, so you may need to think for both of you.
  7. Get in touch with a Vancouver pedestrian accident law firm, ASAP. A good firm can help the victim and the victim’s family understand their rights and prepare to build a case against the responsible driver or another person/party.


Call McComb Witten today for insights into what to do to help your friend/loved one.