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Could a Wireless System Stop Car Accidents in B.C.? Lawyers from Mccomb Witten Report

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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Personal Injury Lawyer at McComb Witten Marcoux

Our B.C. accident attorneys were beyond thrilled to learn about a new technology developed by Cohda Wireless, a company based in Adelaide, Australia.

If it lives up to its hype, this tech could reduce auto accidents around the world and make the streets and highways of B.C. much safer.

So why the buzz? The new technology allows cars to communicate with other cars. It analyzes surrounding vehicles and broadcasts/receives information about the position, direction, and speed of vehicles 10 times every second.

The company’s CEO Paul Gray explained the gist to CSO Online: “Imagine you’re driving down the road to an intersection, and there’s another car approaching on the side of the road…you have the right of way, but the other car is traveling too fast and not going to stop in time.” Grey said that, if both cars had this technology, each driver would get a warning and be able to avert the accident.

This cool technology can work around barriers and corners, and it might help reduce crashes at intersections and in parking lots. Unfortunately, it’s unclear when and how it will make its way up here to Canada.

Currently, car-to-car communications trials are being funded by:

  • The U.S. Department of Transportation in Michigan
  • Germany (a $54 million trial)
  • Australia

If things go well, Canada will likely invest heavily in independent studies.

There's a catch, though. For the warning system to work to best effect, it must be adopted in enough vehicles to make a difference. Grey believes that, once the penetration rate reaches 10% in any given area (e.g. Vancouver), then it should have a substantial positive impact on safety.

The Vancouver car accident attorneys here at McComb Witten would welcome any positive technological innovations that could cut down rates of crashes. But, if you've already been injured or know someone who has been harmed, you may need our help.

We can advise you on an effective course of action. Call 604-255-9018 now, and pick up a free copy of our report, Your Family Doctor Could Make Or Break Your ICBC Claim, to put your crash and potential case in context.