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Adopt These Three Habits for a Safer Walk: A Vancouver Pedestrian Crash Lawyer Explains

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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The Vancouver pedestrian accident lawyers on the McComb Witten team are always on the lookout for useful, simple ideas to help clients navigate our city’s streets with more peace of mind. Following are three pedestrian safety tips to keep in mind:


1. No more jaywalking or rushing across crosswalks.


Almost every person has jaywalked. However, jaywalking is not a good habit!


The odds of injury are very small in any given situation. Nonetheless, you want to pay attention to the cumulative danger. If you fall into the habit of jaywalking or rushing across crosswalks without a “green man” to give you clearance, you incrementally make your life more risky.


Over the course of decades, those small odds will add up.


2. Wear white or reflective clothing--particularly if you walk at night.


We are not saying that you need to wear a glow in the dark orange vest or wave pedestrian flags whenever you go outside. However, drivers need to be aware of you. Getting and keeping driver attention should be a priority, particularly at night and at intersections.



3. Be careful at places of “driver/pedestrian transition.”


Parking lots, intersections, and other places where drivers and pedestrians interact are dangerous.


In parking lots, for instance, people go from being pedestrians to drivers and then back again.


This constant “role churn” can lead to confusion.


If you just drove for an hour and parked, you might still be mentally in “driving mode” while operating in the role of “pedestrian.” The converse is also true. Be sure to pay particular attention to safety when you are switching roles.


For help with your pedestrian accident case, look to a Vancouver pedestrian accident lawyer at McComb Witten. Give us a call today at 604-255-9018 to set up a complimentary case evaluation. You may also wish to download our free publication entitled, Pedestrian Safety Manual – Don’t Cross the Street Until You’ve Read This Report!