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A Vancouver Pedestrian Crash Attorney Uses World Health Organization Data to Put Your Accident Into Context

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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Pedestrian accidents are not random. In fact, they have been studied extensively.


In a road safety pamphlet, “Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020,” the World Health Organization (WHO) describes how and why pedestrian accidents happen around the globe. Fortunately, Canada is one of the safest countries for pedestrians—certainly safer than El Salvador, for instance, in which over 60% of fatal crashes involve pedestrians.


Still, no matter where you are on Earth, you cannot escape certain risk factors. According to the WHO:


  • Being male makes you more vulnerable to death and injury as a pedestrian
  • In countries like Canada, where average incomes are relatively high, older pedestrians are at much elevated risk for injury and death
  • Adults who have disabilities are more often injured than are non-disabled adults
  • Children are more vulnerable, in part because of their size relative to trucks, cars, and motorcycles
  • You are far more likely to be hurt at an intersection, or while crossing the road, than you are while just walking along the side of a road



Most pedestrian crashes involve frontal impact collisions.


This means that, if you are an adult, you are likely to suffer damage to your knees and upper and lower legs, which are even with the bumpers of most cars. If you are a kid, however, you are more likely to be hit in the head or neck, since you are shorter. This fact alone may at least partially explain why kids get seriously hurt more often.


In general, the impact of the vehicle on the pedestrian is more damaging than the impact of the pedestrian’s body on the road or on objects that the pedestrian strikes after being hit.


Whether your accident was “typical” or “atypical,” you need effective legal guidance.


A Vancouver pedestrian accident attorney at McComb Witten can help you smartly and efficiently assess your case. Give us a call today at 604-255-9018 to schedule a complimentary case evaluation. You may also wish to learn more about pedestrian rights and responsibilities by downloading our free report entitled, Pedestrian Safety Manual – Don’t Cross the Street Until You’ve Read this Report!