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Do Your Kids Ride the Bus to School? A Vancouver Bus Accident Attorney Shares Four Tips to Help Keep Them Safe.

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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Personal Injury Lawyer at McComb Witten Marcoux

Our Vancouver bus accident attorneys are dedicated to making the city safer—especially for children.

School bus crashes are relatively rare. However, when they happen, they can lead to many injuries and fatalities and devastate entire communities. The causes of a school bus crash can vary widely and can include driver distraction, inadequate bus maintenance, poor training, overloading, and faulty road engineering.

Following are some simple things you can do to reduce your child’s risk of being involved in a Vancouver bus crash:


1. Dress your kids in bright colors, particularly when the weather is bad.

When it is foggy, slick, or snowy, visibility plummets. Children waiting at the bus stop are vulnerable if motorists cannot see them well.


2. Teach your child proper safety techniques.

Your child should know to:

  • Look both ways before crossing the street
  • Stay on sidewalks if possible
  • Take great care when getting off or on a bus
  • Avoid distracting the bus driver
  • Avoid ever going underneath the bus to pick up a dropped backpack or toy



3. Pick your child up on the same side of the street where the bus drops him or her off.


Young children are happy to see their parents after a day at school and may unthinkingly dart towards you. If you are parked across the street and your child runs towards you, he or she can be hit by a passing car. This nightmarish scenario is more common than many parents realize.


4. Pay attention to safety issues and deal with them.

If your child misbehaved at a bus stop or did something else unsafe, call out that behavior. Figure out a way to prevent it from happening again, either by hammering home the message or by changing the pick up or drop off protocol.

If you are trying to deal with the aftermath of a serious crash, connect with a Vancouver bus accident lawyer at McComb Witten for a free consultation. Call us now at 604-255-9018 to schedule your free appointment and be sure to download a copy of our complimentary report, Your Family Doctor Could Make or Break Your ICBC Claim.