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4 Tips to Prevent Vancouver Pedestrian Accidents This Winter

Typically, the high season for a Vancouver pedestrian accident is in early fall, when kids go back to school. However, winter can also be an extremely dangerous season for walkers.

The days are shorter: that means that more of your walking will occur when lighting is dim. In addition, both drivers and pedestrians must confront ice storms, gusting winds, snow, and freezing rain. Here are some ideas to help you get through this season safely:

1. Dress for the weather.

When pedestrians get too cold, they make poorer decisions.

Think about it. Imagine you are freezing. You see a hot cocoa stand across the street. To get there safely, you should cross at the crosswalk up half a block. If you are dressed warmly, you will be far more likely to hike the half block and avoid jaywalking. If you are freezing, you will be far more likely to jaywalk.

In order to avoid making bad decisions, make sure you are dressed to stay warm and dry.

2. Get enough to eat.

If you are hungry, you may lack energy and focus to watch for danger. In addition, you may be tempted to take dangerous shortcuts across busy streets in order to get food.

3. Pay attention to cars—particularly during a storm.

A sidewalk may seem like a safe place to walk—it usually is. However, during winter, vehicles can easily skid off the road and onto the sidewalk. Keep your eyes focused on the road, particularly if you are walking during a storm or near substantial traffic.

4. Learn from past mistakes.

Some intersections are far more dangerous for Vancouver pedestrians than others are. You probably intuitively know which streets are dangerous. Pay attention to your experiences. If you ever feel unsafe—or experience a “near miss” accident—about what happened. A little insight into yourself and your walking behavior can go a long way.

Although we do not usually spend much time thinking about it, walking comes with some inherent risk. Get fresh air and exercise, but be comfortable and smart and limit your time spent walking near cars.

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