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Why is it important to document my “ideal end state” after a Vancouver car accident?


Most Vancouver car accident victims find themselves in “crisis mode” for weeks after the crash.

Common crises include:

  • Urgent medical problems, such as broken bones
  • Parenting chores, such as finding someone to help with the kids while you are recovering from your injuries
  • Financial problems, caused by inability to work


These are urgent, important problems. Sometimes life throws us curveballs, and we have no choice but to spend all our time and energy fighting fires.

However, when we are stuck in this reactive mood for too long, we can lose sight of bigger picture priorities and miss opportunities to reach our goals faster.

One very useful way to re-frame the conversation about your Vancouver car accident is to imagine the end state, after you have tied up all loose ends, and then to work backwards to figure out how to achieve that end state based on what is true now for you.

Here are some things to shoot for:

  • You are no longer in any pain, and you have completed your rehabilitation
  • You have dealt with all the chores created by the accident
  • You have repaired all damage to your vehicle or gotten a replacement vehicle
  • You have tied up loose ends with respect to insurance issues and legal questions
  • You have obtained fair and complete compensation for all costs and damages
  • Psychologically speaking, you have gotten over your anger, depression, and frustration
  • You have extracted useful lessons from what happened and applied them to your life


Imagine how much more comfortable, focused, and ready to take action you will be if you document your own “ideal end state.” Strive to create a list that is packed with concrete, achievable and emotionally satisfying goals.

Getting effective results is not necessarily easy. Let the Vancouver car accident lawyers at McComb Witten help you come up with a smart strategy to get compensated. Call us now at 604-255-9018, or find out more about how to rebound from a Vancouver car crash by downloading our free report entitled, I've Been in a Car Accident: What Should I Do?

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