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Why is a Vancouver bus crash so dangerous?


When a Vancouver bus accident occurs, it is often devastating—leading to many injuries and even fatalities. Often, the victims who suffer most are not passengers in buses, but rather drivers and passengers of other vehicles.


Why is this?

To understand, we need to digress into the world of physics.

According to the fundamental laws of physics, discovered by Sir Isaac Newton, the force of an object is equal to how quickly its velocity changes (acceleration) multiplied by its mass. Another way of framing this idea is that the force is equal to an object's change in momentum.

The more massive the object—and the faster it changes its velocity—the more force is imparted.

This is important, since buses (and big trucks) are far more massive than other vehicles such as small trucks, passenger cars, motorcycles, and bicycles. When a bus encounters another vehicle in a crash, it has the potential to impart catastrophic force.

To appreciate this, consider the following. A bus traveling at 50 kilometers per hour that decelerates rapidly to zero kilometers per hour will impart the same amount of force as a ten-times-less-massive car would impart if the car hit the wall at 500 kilometers per hour!

Now imagine a bicycle that weighs just a tenth as much as that car weighs. For the bicycle to impart the same amount of force, it would have to hit the wall at 5,000 kilometers per hour—more than five times the speed of sound!

The point is that the very laws of physics conspire to make buses (and large trucks) particularly dangerous to other cars and pedestrians.

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