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Why don't insurers care more about accident victims?


As a Vancouver bus accident victim, you have encountered friction from ICBC or some other insurance entity.

You are livid.

Insurers claim to exist to help injured victims get back on their feet after accidents. However, many companies seem to ignore this mission of mercy—or even actively flaunt their hypocrisy.

Allstate Insurance—the “You're in Good Hands” people—famously commissioned the McKenzie consulting firm in the United States to come up with ways to minimize payouts to victims. Their strategy was to break the will of claimants and create such bureaucracy that even personal injury attorneys would not take on Allstate cases.

Insurance companies have also done an excellent job of unfairly portraying personal injury law firms as “ambulance chasers,” who are less interested in fair outcomes than they are interested in making a quick buck.

This "tort reform" myth has been debunked again and again. However, it does not matter because it has become conventional wisdom.

Why do insurers play these games? In a word: profit.

Insurance companies earn less money when they have to pay you (and other bus accident victims). Thus, they have incentive to delay, diminish, or deny claims. It is not really the fault of insurers, but it does speak volumes about how we as a society treat risk.

Fortunately, you do not have to accept insurance company mistreatment and bad faith. The bus accident lawyers at McComb Witten can help you. Connect with us now for a free consultation at 604-255-9018, and learn more about how to deal with ICBC effectively by downloading our report, Your Family Doctor Could Make or Break Your ICBC Claim.