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Where are you more likely to get into a Vancouver pedestrian accident—a parking lot or a freeway?


This is a trick question. Of course, it is easier to get into a Vancouver pedestrian accident on a busy freeway. Drivers do not expect to see pedestrians on highways, and the speed at which freeway vehicles travel means accidents are more likely to be serious or fatal.

On the other hand, parking lots are surprisingly dangerous.

Pedestrians and drivers co-mingle in unexpected ways in parking lots. When drivers enter lots, they slow down. However, that slower speed can still be relatively fast and dangerous. A car that slows from 50 kph to 15 kph is still driving fast enough to cause serious injury or death, depending on the nature and dynamics of the accident.

Parking lots are also home to a great deal of acceleration—cars are constantly speeding up, slowing down, backing up, and pulling in. Pedestrians as well as other drivers struggle to predict these rapid changes in velocity and direction.

Pedestrians and drivers behave in complex, unpredictable ways in parking lots. Each lot has its unique quirks and danger spots. Poor signage, weird lighting, and strange weather can also create hazards, which can throw off both drivers and pedestrians.

Whether you got hurt on a freeway, surface street, parking lot, crosswalk, or intersection, a Vancouver pedestrian accident attorney at McComb Witten can help you build an ambitious case. Call us now at 604-255-9018, or download our free report, Pedestrian Safety Manual - Don't Cross the Street Until You've Read This Report! for more information.

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