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What should I know about riding with a passenger in order to prevent a Vancouver motorcycle accident?


Our Vancouver motorcycle crash lawyers know that crashes involving passengers can be especially severe.


Whether you want to ride with your spouse, your child, or a good friend, you need to observe good “safety hygiene.” Following are some tips to stay safe when you are riding with a passenger:



Make sure that your bike is built to handle passengers.

Some bikes are not.


Know the bike’s tolerances.

Is there a weight limit? What other maintenance should you do if you ride with passengers frequently? For instance, do you need to replace parts or adjust the handholds and footrests?


Make sure your passenger also follows good safety protocol.

The passenger should wear a helmet as well as reflective clothing. The passenger should also avoid distracting you, particularly during dangerous dusk hours or while you are in the middle of navigating complex freeway traffic or confusing intersections.


Spend time practicing with the passenger before going “hog wild,” so to speak. When you ride with someone else, the change in mass will affect how the bike responds, not only to normal highway conditions but also to unusual conditions, such as concrete parking lots, manhole covers, wet pavement, and black ice.


Do safety drills.

If you stop quickly, the passenger will thrust forward into you and potentially throw you off balance. Even the effects of the wind will be different when you ride with a passenger.


These effects will be different for different types of passengers. For instance, if you are used to riding with your wife, you might get used to that feel. If you allow your teenage son to ride with you, the dynamics will be totally different, and you will, in some sense, need to start from scratch.


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