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What should I do if I am involved in a Vancouver truck accident?


Prior to your recent crash, you probably never thought you would need to speak with a Vancouver truck accident lawyer. Now, you are reeling from a calamity and scrambling to find a trustworthy resource to help you figure out what to do next. Following are three simple steps to take that will greatly improve your odds of fairly resolving your crisis:


Step #1: Fill out a police report.


An objective assessment of your crash can constitute powerful evidence. Your attorney can use this document to help prove liability or help you to avoid liability. Make sure the officer documents the crash scene carefully and ask for a copy of the report. If you are too hurt or upset to get this done, ask a friendly witness or passenger to help you.


Step #2: Get medical help right away.


The human body is extraordinarily resilient. We have all sorts of subconscious processes that let us manage stress effectively "in the moment." There is a downside to this, though. You may not realize just how hurt you are at the time of the crash. Endorphins and other brain chemicals may drown out the pain signal. You you might feel perfectly fine—if a bit numb—right after a crash. However, days or weeks later, chronic, piercing pain may kick in.


When in doubt, get medical help. Be sure to keep records of all treatment you get.


Step #3: Avoid giving commentary about your case.


If you admit fault to another driver or to the police officer, that statement can come back to haunt you, legally speaking. However, even seemingly innocent remarks about your health such as “I'm feeling okay” can create serious problems later, if you need to build a case.


Look to a Vancouver truck wreck attorney at McComb Witten for effective, sensible guidance. Download a copy of our free report, Your Family Doctor Could Make or Break Your ICBC Claim, or call our offices today at 604-255-9018 to schedule a free consultation.

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