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What’s the dumbest thing you can do after a Vancouver motorcycle accident?




That’s the absolute worst thing you can do, if you've recently been hurt in a Vancouver motorcycle accident.


Why is doing nothing so bad?


Successful people are action oriented. You cannot anticipate everything that life will throw at you or plan everything or be perfectly careful. You need to take action, observe your results, make changes based on that feedback, and keep moving forward.


Here are some possible obstacles preventing you from doing something after the crash.


1. You're not sure which law firm to choose—if any—to represent you.


You can go bananas on the Internet, reading legal website after website, mulling your choices. Do that, and you're setting yourself up for information overload and likely dissatisfaction with your final choice. It's possible that there's only one firm out there that can get your result. But the odds of that being true are very slim, indeed. Many different choices will likely be good enough to meet your needs. But if you dither and overanalyze, you will never take the action you need.


2. You're confused about what to do to restore your body and your bike after the crash.


In this instance, resting is actually a form of action. Obviously, if you're sick and injured, you don’t want to be running about or disobeying doctor’s orders. But many accident victims put off going to the doctor because they're scared of the prognosis or are financially hard-up.


If you do not get medical care quickly, first of all, your medical situation can spiral out of control. And that’s no fun. Plus, a supposedly small injury might be a massive problem. For instance, maybe you're feeling tired and headachy right now: those symptoms could actually be the prelude to serious swelling and bleeding in the brain. So your life could literally be on the line.


3. You're confused about how to pick up the pieces of your life, post-accident.


Unfortunately, many people shut down—they do nothing—in response. They literally can't find the willpower or motivation to break out of it.


Be like a successful entrepreneur: start adopting an action-focused mentality. Get in touch with McComb Witten today to go over strategies to get compensated and manage your problems.

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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