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What’s one way to reduce the chances of a B.C. pedestrian accident?


Here's a surprisingly simple and free tip that should reduce your lifetime likelihood of needing a Vancouver pedestrian accident attorney: Walk more consciously.

That advice may sound trite or a bit mysterious, but it's actually packed with wisdom.

Vancouver is not the world’s fastest-paced city, but many residents go about their daily business on autopilot. They walk to work. They walk to coffee. They walk and chat with friends. During the vast majority of these excursions, no one gets hurt. However, since we walk so “unconsciously”—especially during habitual jaunts—we tend to get lazy about common hazards.

Think about it this way. Imagine walking on a jagged, poorly maintained, and unfamiliar street in a foreign country with a lot of traffic speeding by. You'd pay extremely close attention to every step! You'd avoid chatting with friends or even letting your mind wander. Unfortunately, most pedestrians walk around with only a fraction of that vigilance on a day-to-day basis. This cavalier attitude may not increase your risk of getting hurt on any single day. But, when you aggregate the inattentiveness over years or decades, the odds of disaster go up, potentially significantly, depending on how you walk, where you walk, and how vigilant you normally are.

By committing to a regimen of being more mindful and fully present when you walk, you will enjoy your strolls more and reduce your chances for disaster.

If you or someone you care about has been hurt in Vancouver pedestrian accident, the team here at McComb Witten is standing by to offer legal assistance. Call us now at 604.255.9018, or secure a free copy of our report, Your Family Doctor Could Make Or Break Your ICBC Claim, to get actionable insights into your situation.

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