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What is the most important road safety tip for preventing a Vancouver car accident?


If you have spent some time perusing the Vancouver car accident law resources on this site, you may be slightly overwhelmed.


What if you do not have the time or patience to delve into the law? What if you just want to know the one habit that, if you practice and cultivate it, would offer the best "safety bang" for your buck? Here it is—drive mindfully and pay attention.



At the Heart of Safety Is Attention


Our minds are only average when it comes to storing information. However, they are fantastic at picking up on subtle clues about our environment.


If you are driving, for instance, and you feel somewhat disconcerted about a rattling sound in your engine, pay attention to that sound. Act on it by getting it checked out as soon as possible.


By mindfully attending to issues with your car or driving habits, you can deal with dangerous problems before they destroy your car or cause an accident.



Pay Even More Attention to Your Driving


When behind the wheel, minimize distractions. Stop listening to loud music. Do not eat or talk on the phone while driving. Quiet your own tangential thoughts.


The more focused you can be on the act of driving itself, the safer you will be. After all, auto safety is a really a long-term proposition—you want to minimize your chances of getting into (or causing) injury crashes over your lifetime.


The best way to do that is to cultivate the habit of driving mindfully.


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