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What bus driver mistakes lead to British Columbia bus accidents?


The circumstances of every bus wreck are different. If you have been injured, our British Columbia bus injury attorneys can help you figure out why your bus driver erred (if he or she did) and what you can do about it. However, here are three common mistakes that bus drivers make.

1. They drive at below peak performance.

Everyone knows you shouldn’t drive while exhausted, furious, under the influence of alcohol, or while gabbing on a cell phone. But even drivers who are just slightly “out of it” can be dangerous. For instance, bus drivers can perform at sub-par levels if:

  • They're distracted by passengers.
  • They're overworked.
  • They're exhausted from illnesses.
  • They're lost or confused about directions.

2. They fail to load or maintain their buses properly.

Badly maintained/loaded buses can cause lethal devastation. For instance, a passenger bus that’s loaded in a lopsided way—i.e. carrying lots of luggage on one side but no luggage on the other—can be far more susceptible to flipping over during a windstorm or tricky mountain turn. Overloading and inadequate maintenance problems are not always obvious to investigators. That's one more good reason to retain a solid, experienced Vancouver bus crash lawyer.

3. They were not effectively screened or trained.

Driving a bus is nuanced, difficult work. Not everyone is up for the task, and not every training program is up for the task of schooling drivers effectively for the work.

Perhaps your driver lied about a history of drug abuse or accidents. Perhaps his school lacked accreditation or failed meet other important guidelines. Maybe your driver did receive adequate training—just not for the type of vehicle that he or she drove when he or she crashed.

Unpacking the truth about your Vancouver bus crash

The team here at McComb Witten can help you analyze and effectively deal with the aftermath of your accident. Let us inform and empower you. Connect with us today for a free consultation by calling the team at 604-255-9018, or educate yourself more by reading our complimentary report, Your Family Doctor Could Make Or Break Your ICBC Claim.

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