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What are the most common causes of a Vancouver bus accident?


No two Vancouver bus accidents are the same.

In fact, bus crashes tend to be highly dynamic and diverse. For instance, in 1996, Transport Canada reports that there was not a single fatal bus crash in the entire country. The next year, however, 43 people died in a single bus accident.

That said, bus accidents are not totally random, either. Following are five common causes of a Vancouver bus crash:


1. Distracted Driving

Distracted drivers are performing some activity that diverts their focus from the main task of safe driving. Distracted driving behavior, such as talking on a cell phone or fiddling with the radio, causes reaction time to suffer. Studies suggest that this is true even when drivers chat on a cell using a hands-free headset.


2. Bad Weather

Vancouver is known for its slick, unpredictable weather. Even experienced drivers who know how to navigate the elements can be surprised by rapidly changing weather conditions.


3. Malfunctioning Parts

Mechanical issues such as a faulty component, a poorly lubricated transmission, defective brakes, or an exploding tire can contribute to a Vancouver bus crash.


4. Driver Recklessness or Negligence

Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, pharmacological agents, or even too little sleep, diminishes a driver’s ability to handle complex surprises on the road.


5. Composite Factors

Many bus crashes arise when multiple risk factors coalesce and set the stage for disaster—“a perfect storm.” For example, a bus driver may have been driving under the influence of methamphetamines (to stay awake), when his transmission locked at an inopportune moment.

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