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Other than wearing my helmet all the time, what else should I do to avoid a Vancouver bike accident?


Our Vancouver bicycle accident lawyers are huge fans of bike helmets, not just because they work, but also because wearing a helmet is a simple, learnable task. Once you get into the habit, you do it automatically. In addition, you set a good example for other bikers out there.

But beyond wearing a well-engineered, battle-tested helmet—the right way—what else can you do to make riding safer? Here are some ideas:

  • Avoid biking while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, medications, or extreme emotional states like anger or fatigue.
  • Avoid distracting yourself on your bike by text messaging or talking to someone on your cell phone—even via a hands-free headset.
  • If you listen to music on an iPod or other device while biking, keep the music quiet enough so you can hear cars, trucks, and other bikes.
  • Read an article on bike safety every month. It does not have to be a long article or a very detailed one. By regularly priming your mind to focus on bike safety, you will adopt better habits, and you will be more mindful. In addition, you will pick up cool new tips!
  • Minimize biking around dangerous neighborhoods, roads and intersections. You probably know—either intuitively or from experience—which Vancouver roads are less than ideal. It's not that you can never go down these roads again, but you should be super cautious when you do.
  • Minimize biking during very wet or snowy weather.
  • Keep your bike tuned, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Less than tight brakes and slightly under-inflated tires can cost you several milliseconds during emergency maneuvers—enough time to put you at risk for serious injury.
  • Keep a riding diary to record bike crashes or near misses. History, as they say, tends to repeat itself. So, if you can learn from your own history, you can avoid repeating the most dangerous maneuvers and experiences.


What to Do If You Have Already Been Hurt in a Vancouver Bike Accident?

The experienced Vancouver bicycle accident lawyers at McComb Witten would be happy to discuss your crash and give you insight and guidance about what to do next. Call us at 604-255-9018 now to set up a free consultation. While you are here, be sure to check out our free report, The Inside Secrets ICBC Doesn't Want You to Know.

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