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Are motorcyclists more likely to speed than motorists are?


Would you be surprised if I told you that motorcyclists do not speed any more than drivers of cars and trucks? If so, you are one of many people who wrongly assume that motorcyclists are speed-freak road hogs who often cause accidents. The truth, according to a study by the Traffic Injury Research Foundation is that motorcyclists only speed about one percent more of the time than motorists do.

OK, But...

We know that this information can be hard to believe. After all, we often report on motorcycle accidents caused by a speeding biker. However, when you sit down and look at the numbers, it is easy to see that motorcycles simply do not speed the way many assume they do.

Do motorcyclists speed sometimes? Yes. Are speeding motorcycles dangerous? Of course. But that does not mean that we can automatically assume that bikers and their reckless speeding ways cause all of the accidents they are involved in.

The Biggest Threat to Motorcyclists

Share So MuchBelieve it or not, in the event of a car/motorcycle accident, the person most likely to have caused the accident is the driver of the car. This is often attributed to the fact that motorcycles have a smaller profile than the vehicles they share the road with. This makes them harder to spot in traffic, but it does not make them impossible to see.

It is our responsibility as drivers to watch out for motorcycles. We need to program our driving brains to see motorcycles in traffic and to check for them each time we make a move. By sharing the road in this way, and respecting bikers’ right to ride, we can help prevent motorcycle accidents in Delta, Surrey and across B.C.

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