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Someone I love got hurt in a Vancouver truck accident. What should I do?


The Vancouver truck accident lawyers at McComb Witten appreciate how confusing it must be for you right now.

An out-of-control truck seriously hurt someone you care about. You know you need to do something—probably many things—but you are not sure what to prioritize.

Following are three best practices:


1. Help your injured friend get medical help, right away.

This is common sense, but it is common sense not always practiced.

If your loved one is bleeding or unconscious, of course you will take him or her to the emergency room for medical treatment.

However, if he insists: “I’m fine,” he may be fine, but he may not be.

Traumatic events cause our brains to release chemicals called endorphins. These effectively numb us to certain types of pain. When in doubt, go to a doctor or an emergency room.


2. Collect as much information about the accident as possible, as soon as possible.

Collect data, such as the make, model, and color of the truck; the trucker’s license plate number; and the trucker’s driver’s license number.

Go even further.

Take pictures of the crash using the camera on your cell phone. Talk to witnesses and document what they say—verbatim. Work with police to make sure a police report is filled out. Get a copy of that report. Obtain copies of medical documents and test results. Keep up this documentation afterwards by journaling conversations with insurance company representatives. You never know what information might be useful.

The more information you collect, the more possible legal ammunition your Vancouver truck crash lawyer will have to build a case on behalf of your hurt loved one.


3. After you deal with the mission-critical medical and logistical items, contact a Vancouver truck accident attorney.

Right now, you are at a pivotal moment with respect to any potential legal case.

A delay now can mean the difference between an easy victory in court (or a favorable settlement) and a lousy verdict—or no verdict at all.

Believe or not, the insurance company—or liable trucking company—is likely already building a defense to any claim that your loved one might bring.

Fight back by calling a Vancouver truck accident attorney at McComb Witten at 604-255-9018, or download our free report, The Inside Secrets ICBC Doesn't Want You to Know! to learn more about what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

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