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Should I see my doctor if I only suffered a small bump on the head in my Vancouver bike accident?


Our Vancouver bicycle accident lawyers are obviously not qualified medical professionals. If you have urgent health concerns, see your medical provider ASAP. But do avoid making premature, “I'm sure I'm okay” diagnoses, even if you feel relatively stable after your crash.

Whether you flew off your handlebars when a car hit your bike or you landed in a ditch when your tires slipped on loose pavement, don't ignore your head injury.

Many people euphemize head injuries, calling them “bumps on the head” or “mild concussions.” Or they use phrases like “got my bell rung.” But the medical reality is that any concussion is a form of traumatic brain injury.

There are two critical reasons to take potential TBIs seriously:

  1. TBI treatment works best within the first hours/days of injury. If you feel headache-y or dizzy, or if you experience blurred vision or body temperature changes, your window to take action may be limited. You want to prevent big problems, like stroke, clotting, edema, and hemorrhaging. Drugs and certain therapies can often help, provided that they are given very soon after you hit your head.
  2. Proper diagnosis can protect you from second impact injury. In the days (and sometimes weeks) following a big bike-related head injury, your brain’s glucose metabolism may change. The organ will be more vulnerable to re-injury—particularly a kind of re-injury known as second impact syndrome. A bruised, fragile brain can be damaged, perhaps irreparably, by relatively minor second impacts. So avoid activity that could put you at risk until you get the okay from your physician. Give yourself time to rest and heal.

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