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What should I do, if my Vancouver pedestrian accident injury does not heal completely?


Many Vancouver pedestrian accident injuries that are ultra painful—head injuries, broken bones, internal bruising—fortunately resolve over time. But certain nagging problems can stay with you for months, if not for years.

For instance, perhaps a car hit your legs. Your tendons and bones may be permanently damaged in some way, and you may limp a bit for the rest of your life. Compared to a serious head injury or a life threatening contusion, a “limp injury” may not seem that harrowing. Nevertheless, think about all the inconveniences and the frustrations the limp may cause, not just over a few weeks or months, but also over decades. The costs can really add up. It can feel like “death by a thousand cuts,” if you are not mentally, physically, and financially prepared.

A slight, chronic injury can make it difficult to keep your career and participate in sports and other fun activities.

There are several resourceful ways to respond:

1. Medically

If you have not obtained medical services to treat your Vancouver pedestrian injury, do so immediately, not just for your health but also to lay the ground for a potential legal action.

2. Logistically

Once you understand the nature of your long-term medical problems, you can construct systems to work around them. As you heal, you should develop a keen understanding of what you need to do to feel comfortable.

3. Financially

The costs of chronic injuries can be enormous, when you add them up over decades. You may need to pay for rehabilitation or prosthetics. In addition, you may lose work time and efficiency.

Fortunately, the Vancouver pedestrian accident lawyers at McComb Witten can help you lay the groundwork for any needed action. Call us at 604-255-9018, and be sure to download a copy of our free report, Pedestrian Safety Manual, while you are here.


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