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Is it possible that the bus driver who caused my accident fell asleep at the wheel?


It is not only possible, it is likely that driver fatigue was a factor during your bus accident—that your driver fell asleep or "zoned out" at the wheel. In Vancouver, bus drivers—including those who driver tour busses, public busses, and school busses—are underpaid and overworked. This leads to overly tired bus drivers and, in turn, serious bus accidents. It's not right, but it's how it is.

How to Tell if Your Bus Driver was Fatigued

Bus Driver Eyes Closed

It is not your job to dig around and determine the cause of your accident—that is our job. We know how to get the records we need to prove that your bus driver was fatigued when he crashed your bus. We know which questions to ask and how to get the information we need to prove fault and get our clients top compensation.

I hope you don't take this personally, but it's not just you we're concerned about. Yes, we want to ensure that you get the compensation that you need; we want to ensure that you family is taken care of and that you are able to get back to your normal life as soon as possible. But, we are also concerned about all other passengers who have been and will be hurt during a bus accident. If we can send the message to bus companies, "You must adhere to safety rules and provide more rest for your drivers," we have the opportunity to prevent accidents and save lives. Your case is about more than just you, it's about protecting your children, your neighbors, and your friends.

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