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I'm having bad headaches after my Vancouver motorcycle accident. What could that mean?


Bad headaches after a Vancouver motorcycle accident—even a pretty mild one—are not a good sign.

Maybe you have gone to the hospital. Maybe doctors even put you through a computed tomography (CT scan), which showed no sign of damage.

Even still, you may be far from “in the clear.”

New research into so-called Second Impact Syndrome (SIS) warns that the brains of recent traumatic brain injury (TBI) victims may be deficient at utilizing glucose long after a serious insult to the head. This glucose metabolism problem is linked to headaches and other symptoms. Just because a CT scan looks okay does not mean that you don’t have brain damage.

In one recent study, an American teenage football player complained of headaches after a concussion. Against his doctor’s orders, he returned to practice based on false confidence provided by his clear CT scan.

The end result? Disaster.

During his first practice back, the teen took a hit, which set off a seizure and sparked a cascade of horrendous medical problems. Fortunately, the boy survived. However, he is now confined to a wheelchair and suffers from an array of cognitive problems.

What’s the takeaway?

It's pretty simple stuff. If you have been in a motorcycle accident, and suffered what doctors like to euphemize as a “concussion”, but what we prefer to describe accurately as a TBI, you may be at extremely high risk for aggravating that brain injury.

So maximize your compliance with doctor’s orders, and rest!

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