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How should I talk to police about my recent Vancouver car accident?


When the RCMP arrive on the scene after your Vancouver car accident, follow these three good rules of thumb to guide the conversation.


1. Tell the truth—precisely and in detail.

Traumatic events can leave you flustered, unable to think clearly, and emotional.

Strive to keep your wits about you. Recount the accident in complete, step-by-step detail. Avoid the twin traps of embellishing what happened and leaving out key details. You might try imagining that you are a video recorder, replaying the event. Stick to the facts of the accident.


2. Avoid apologizing or making emotional accusations against others.

You are not a robot. You can be forgiven if you become emotional, during a conversation with a police officer.

However, do not apologize for the accident—you do not know all of the details of the crash and may incorrectly assume responsibility, hurting your case later. In addition, you should take care to avoid getting emotionally out of control.


3. Acknowledge your injuries or potential injuries.

If you are hurt, say something.

If you do not feel hurt, however, avoid saying something to the effect of “I'm totally fine.”

You might be fine. However, the shock from the trauma may have numbed you to the full extent of the pain. People who suffer serious whiplash, for instance, may only feel the pain hours or days later. If you say, “I'm fine,” however, you may limit your chances to build an accident case later.

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