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How should I go about choosing a Vancouver bike accident attorney?


The best way to go about choosing a Vancouver bike accident attorney is to follow tested, universal principals to help you search effectively, protect yourself from working with the wrong people, and make the most out of any law firm relationships you create.

Principle #1:  Search extensively; do homework before you contact prospective attorneys.

Get clear on what you want from legal action and what you do not want. Write down what your ideal relationship with an attorney would look like. Focus on what you think you will need. Do you want attorneys to be on call to answer your questions? Do you want an aggressive law firm? Do you want to settle quickly, even if that means conceding potential compensation? Do you want the most compensation, even if that means a longer, more involved battle?

The more concretely you know what you want out of your experience, the easier it will be to select the right team to handle your Vancouver bike accident.

Principle #2: Once you have selected prospects, make good use of free consultations.

You undoubtedly have many questions about your case—possibly dozens.

Write down as many questions as you can and use those as a guide when you interview Vancouver bike accident attorneys. Do not rely on your memory—write down any answers you get. Be prepared for the consultations and document your answers. You will make a better decision.

Principle #3: Once you have chosen a firm, stay actively involved in your case.

Your Vancouver bike accident lawyer can serve you better if you communicate your needs and concerns and stay actively involved in the case. Do your part! Go to your doctor’s visits and rehabilitation appointments. Keep a journal about your recovery. Get back to your attorneys promptly when they call for information. By working coherently with your attorneys, you will feel better and improve your chances of obtaining a good case outcome.

Whether a car hit your bike at an intersection downtown or you skidded off the road because your bike tire failed, the attorneys at McComb Witten would be honored to be on your list of prospective attorneys. Call us to schedule a free consultation at 604-255-9018. You may also wish to download our free report, Your Family Doctor Could Make or Break Your ICBC Claim for more information.

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